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Transition Coaching

Transitions can be ungrounding and support while we are considering or making major changes can be helpful and reassuring.  My Life Coaching packages are designed to provide the sense of stability and support crucial to creating and sustaining forward movement in your life.

Coaching is available for any subject you would like to focus on personally or professionally, however these packages have been designed to give you a feel for coaching, and they may be helpful options: 

"In-Sight" Introductory One Month Life Coaching Package (One month)

  • You are not ready to commit to a monthly plan.

  • You want a period of coaching on a specific topic or decision.

  • You want to brainstorm about specific issues.

It includes:

  • Two 50-minute coaching sessions (in person or by phone).

  • One 30-minute wrap up telephone call.

  • Added weekday e-mail support for specific questions.

" Self-Discovery" Coaching Package (3 month investment)

Discover how to know and trust yourself, and learn new tools to launch you on the path to a purposeful life. Specifically you'll learn to:

  • Examine who you are and where you are NOW.

  • Reveal what matters most to you (assessing what you value,are passionate about, and your unique personality traits).

  • Uncover limiting thoughts & beliefs that may be holding you back.

  • Strategize, develop goals and vision, and commit to a plan for your life.

  • Take action, learning how to manoeuvre through transitions and necessary changes, one step at a time.

This package provides:

  • Two 50-minute coaching calls.

  • Support calls on specific subjects.

  • E-mail support.

  • One personality assessment/interpretation.

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